Since Dream Come True is mostly a volunteer organization, we are always looking for hard working, committed people to help. Each volunteer must submit the PA State mandated clearances. Volunteer clearances are free. Fingerprints have a fee.

Criminal History – https://epatch.state.pa.us/

Child Abuse – https://www.compass.state.pa.us/cwis/public/home

Finger Prints or Affadavit –

Mandatory Online Reporting – https://www.reportabusepa.pitt.edu/


Volunteer Opportunities

Referral Committee

Volunteers work in pairs where they are responsible for interviewing a child who has been determined medically eligible for a dream. The interview process takes place in the child’s home. The volunteers prepare a report about the child and their dream request which is sent to the board of directors for approval.

Fulfillment Committee

Volunteers work in pairs to fulfill the child’s dream. The committee meets once a month to assign the approved dreams and discuss those that are in process. This committee consists of dedicated people who are responsible for actually planning the fulfillment of the dreams.

Special Events

Many times throughout the year organizations or business will hold an event to benefit Dream Come True and ask us to supply the volunteers. Events such as plays, golf tournaments, car washes and others.