Ways to Give

  • Donate: Every contribution you make fuels the aspirations of our children, turning dreams into joyful realities.
  • Events to Support Dreams: Engage with us through a myriad of events, from captivating car shows to challenging bike rides, and play a pivotal role in a child’s dream journey.
  • Volunteer: Lend your time and skills to our cause. Your volunteerism is a cornerstone that helps build a foundation of hope and joy for our children.
  • Planned Giving: Leave a lasting legacy that echoes your values and compassion.
  • Fundraising: Lead a campaign or an event in your community and witness the collective strength of compassion in supporting our children’s dreams.

Dream come true child

Your involvement is crucial to our mission. Explore different ways to support—from participating in fundraising events, considering legacy gifts, to volunteering your time. Every gesture of support contributes to a greater impact.


At Dream Come True, we transform wishes into cherished experiences. Meeting storybook heroes, embarking on thrilling escapades, or receiving a longed-for gift—every dream we fulfill enriches lives with joy and wonder. Celebrate these magical milestones with us.

Events to Support Dreams

Joining any of these events is a powerful way to contribute to Dream Come True. Each gathering brings our community together for a cause that transcends the event itself—transforming joy into hope and dreams into reality for children facing significant challenges. Your participation makes a world of difference.


Astound Telethon

Be part of a heartwarming telethon by Astound, where your pledges help us continue to provide unforgettable moments for the brave kids we support.

Monkey Knife Fight Bike Ride

Grab your bike and hit the challenging roads. Your participation fees fuel the journey of making dream experiences a reality for our children.

Volunteer with Us – Make Dreams a Reality!

Dream Come True thrives on the spirit of volunteerism. By giving your time, you bring joy and wonder to children who need it most. Whether you have a knack for organizing, a passion for events, or just a heart full of compassion, there’s a place for you in our volunteer family.



Dream Come True Charity Golf Outing

Tee up for hope at our Annual Charity Golf Outing, where every drive, chip, and putt supports the dreams of children in need. Make your mark on the green and help us continue the tradition of turning rounds into reasons to smile.

Bingo Night

Every Friday night is a chance to yell “Bingo!” for a good cause. Fun, games, and great prizes await, all benefiting Dream Come True. Bring your lucky charm and help turn numbers into dreams fulfilled!

Planned Giving

Dreams come alive with unique experiences and cherished items: backstage adventures, encounters with marine life, or even a new furry companion. Each activity and gift—from high-tech gaming systems to heartwarming animal interactions—brings a dreamer’s joy to life.


Restaurant of the Month Calendar


The Restaurant of the Month Calendar is a cherished tradition, blending dining pleasure with the spirit of generosity. Offering a buy one, get one free meal each month at various local restaurants, this unique calendar invites our community to explore a spectrum of culinary delights. It serves as a delightful avenue to support Dream Come True’s mission, making each meal an opportunity to contribute to a noble cause.



Schools, businesses, and organizations creatively fundraise to support our children’s dreams. Sponsors can fund specific dreams, making a direct, personal impact. Interested? Contact us to start making dreams come true.